Southern Cross Hydraulics and Hose Repairs
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Regardless of the size or type of your machine, we have a solution to your Hydraulic Repair and Hydraulic Hose problem.
From Hydraulic Hose Repairs, Control Valve Leakage or Hydraulic Cylinder failure, to selling Adapters, Pumps, and Motors, Southern Cross Hydraulics and Hose Repairs should be your #1 repairer, on speed dial, for all your Mobile Hydraulic Repairs and Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repairs. Ph: 0403 315 815
For repairs to your Earthmoving Equipment, Industrial Machinery, a new design requirement or just an Oring we are here to help you.
We'll ensure you get up and running -  faster!
                                                          "That's what we do"

                                                                         - Mobile Hydraulic Hose Repairs
                                                                         - Mobile Hydraulic Repairs
                                                                         - Workshop Facilities
                                                                         - Hydraulic Cylinder Repairs
                                                                         - Hoses, Fittings and Adapters
                                                                         - Quick Release Couplers & Clamps
                                                                         - Machinery Servicing
                                                                         - Sales and Service
                                                                         - Ball Valves, Oils and Sprays
                                                                         - Hydraulic Pumps, Motors & Valving
                                                                         - Industrial Hose and Fittings

                                                                         - New Design and Manufacture
                                                                         - Refurbish Machinery
                                                                         - New Attachment Installation
                                                                         - Hydraulic Hose Reels
                                                                         - Gurney & Power Steering Hose Repairs
Just ask how we can help you"

High pressure fluid is present in operational hydraulic systems. Fluids under high pressure are dangerous and can cause serious injury or death. Do not make modifications, repairs or adjustments to any hydraulic system unless you are competent or working under competent supervision. If in doubt consult a qualified technician or engineer.  Hydraulic hoses can be pressurized, NEVER rub your hands over a hydraulic hose or fitting, pressurized oil can pierce the skin injecting oil into the body which can result in DEATH, INJURY or AMPUTATION.